"if you can dream it, you can do it" Walt Disney

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Special Dreams dreams exists to inspire hope and bring joy to families and individuals with special needs.
We seek to make a way for people with disabilities in a world that says, “you’ll never,” “you can’t”, and “you won’t”.
Working together, dreams become reality.

We think children with disabilities should have every opportunity their siblings and peers have. They should celebrate and be celebrated. Everyone who collaborates to help these dreams come true experiences the joy and there is a ripple effect.
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Special Dreams for Special Kids facilitates the dreams of children who have limitations and disabilities.
We network with professionals, schools, volunteers and the
community at large to bring joy to kids and encourage families. Kids ages 5 - 21 attend a Dream Session while the parents and caregivers attend a separate session.
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During a Dream Session, kids with disabilities of all kinds can participate in a creative process of exploring their dreams and greatest passions. Similar to Make A Wish, a team determines the dream and sets out to gather community and business support to see these dreams come to fruition. The parents meet separately to be inspired and supported by other parents who understand. We need volunteers and kids to be part of the process. A Dream Session is two hours long.
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Special Dreams is a non-profit corporation exempt from federal income tax under  section 501(C)(3) of the Internal Revenue code, EIN: 47-3167049